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Anglo Zulu War Battlefields Day Tour

In 1879 the two strongest forces in Southern Africa clashed. On the slopes of a hill called Isandlwana and from behind the roughly built fortifications of a trading store, Zulu and British men fought fiercely for survival and victory during the 1879 Anglo Zulu War. Book our tour and discover what has made these two momentous battles stand the test of time.

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On the 22nd January 1879, two of South Africa’s biggest forces, the British led by Lord Chelmsford and the Zulu’s under Cetshwayo, clashed in the first real battle of the Anglo/Zulu war in the shadow of Isandlwana. The clash had been hovering on the verge on happening for a number of years and sound of British musket and the Zulu war cry of “uSuthu” was about to echo through the mists of time!

And as the British dead lay on the flanks of Isandlwana, the victorious Zulu farces moved on to attack the small store known locally as KwaJimu; and more commonly today, Rorkes Drift.

Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift will stand forever as examples for heroism and determination both by the British people as well as the Zulu people.



Anglo Zulu War Battlefields Day Tour
Your specialist battlefields guide will collect you from accommodation in or around Durban at 6:30am. The trip to Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift is 4 hours, along the way your guide will chat to you about the history of the Anglo Zulu War and of course point out sites along the way. On arrival, you will enjoy a guided tour of the Isandlwana battlefield as well as the nearby museum. From Isandlwana we travel onto Rorkes Drift for a picnic lunch at the site followed by a guided tour of Rorkes Drift. Departing Rorkes Drift at approximately 3am, we arrive back in Durban at 7pm.


  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation.
  • Entry to Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift.
  • Guided tour of both battlefields.
  • Picnic lunch and complimentary bottled water.

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