Just 30 min or so out so of Durban lies the popular “Valley of a 1000 Hills“, home to the “Debe” clans-folk that have called the area home since the days of the mighty King Shaka.

Zebra Mare and Foal

Zebra Mare and Foal (3 weeks old)


I collected my clients from Durban North and made our way directly to the “Valley of 1000 Hills“. Initially I had planned to take them to Tala Game Reserve but because of heavy rains the previous day, Tala was actually closed!

So after a brief discussion over a cup of delicious hot chocolate, we made the descision to to head into the township of KwaNyswa just outside of Hillcrest in order to get a better insight to the traditional Zulu way of life.

Inanda Dam, just outside Hillcrest, Durban

Inanda Dam, just outside of Hillcrest, Durban

The day started to clear up from the heavy overcast start so we were able to get a few interesting pictures as we went through the township.

Valley of 1000 Hills

From Nyswa (as the locals refer to the town) we headed for PheZulu Safari park and were able to talk ourselves onto a short drive on the land rovers. We didn’t get to see too much to be honest, some Blue Wildebeest, Zebra and Impala, but the highlight was definitly a Zebra Mare and her foal, just 3 weeks old!

Zebra Mare and Foal

Zebra Mare and Foal


We had only one more stop to make at the cliff-face of Monteseel where we took loads of photographs and I explained a little of the history of the valley below.

All in all an enjoyable day!

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