On a wet and overcast day I collected my clients for their hotel in Durban just after lunch and we headed out to the Valley of 1000 Hills, just 30 minutes outside of Durban.

Valley of a 1000 Hills

Valley of a 1000 Hills

The plan of action was to visit the community of “KwaNyswa” and then after go through to PheZulu Safari Park and have a spot of lunch followed by the Zulu cultural show, unfortunately my clients ran out of time due to business commitments and so we went straight for lunch at PheZulu Safari Park.

 PheZulu Safari Park

Lunch was a simple but very enjoyable affair. I settled on a bar type menu that included little sausages, some hot samoosas and breaded chicken pieces in a tangy sauce. My clients settled for a bunny chow, hamburgers and one especially adventurous lady had the Kudu; as usual, no complaints!

Zulu Cultural Show

From there it was onto the Zulu show which I had to miss because of some work that had to be done (gutted!) but from the reports when I collected them, it seems my clients had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the show!

Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile at PheZulu Safari Park

There weren’t too many questions after the show so it seems my clients understood the theme – a traditional Zulu courtship and marriage explained in dance.

During the course of the show, the dancers communicate mostly in Zulu but it’s generally pretty easy to follow along.

Reptile Park at PheZulu

Chris at PheZulu Safari Park

Chris with my clients at PheZulu Safari Park

Our next stop was the reptile park at PheZulu. This part of the tour  does seem to make clients a little nervous, since it’s not just the Nile Crocodile that are on show, but the various snakes as well! I’m pretty please to say that my entire group remained for the duration!

We were also really fortunate that one of the site guides at PheZulu was available to show us around. Chris is obviously very passionate about the park and that just shines through when he guides, he just keeps us all captivated!

After a pretty long day, it was time to head on back to Durban. I think everyone had quite a full day since 10 minutes into the drive, most everyone had drifted off too sleep!


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