Durban seldom disappoints when it comes to safari’s and tours (well at least with Country and Coastal Tours it wont). Saturday’s “Valley of 1000 Hills day tour” was proof positive of my rather sweeping statement! I arrived bright and early to collect my four guests who were on a cruise from the east and as soon as they disembarked, we headed west towards our first destination, Tala Game Reserve.

white rhino on our valley of 1000 hills day tour

White Rhino spotted from the safety and comfort of our vehicle.

Valley of 1000 Hills Day Tour

Just 45min west of Durban lies Tala Game Reserve. The reserve has no big cats or elephant, but there’s a variety of exciting game none the less, including hippo, giraffe and blesbok. On entering the park, my guests were excited to see not 10 minutes into their safari a crash of Rhino grazing contentedly among the zebra, blesbok and impala!

Tala Game Reserve

What made the day even more special was the fact that when we stopped for a break at the picnic spot, a journey of giraffe stood by watching us (were the giraffe human spotting I wonder?). This was an opportunity to get some great photo’s of the group with the giraffe posing patiently behind.

giraffe and clients posing together for pictures

Giraffe and guests posing for pictures!

Hillbilly’s Restaurant

From Tala we left for our lunch time break and headed for Hillbilly’s. We always stop at this small but incredibly friendly restaurant on our Valley of 1000 Hills day tour simply because the staff and owners are always so welcoming! Here two of my clients were coaxed into trying out Durban’s gift to the culinary word… the “bunny chow“!

bunny chow in durban, south africa

No “bunnies” were hurt in the making of this “bunny chow” 🙂

PheZulu Safari Park

Right after lunch we drove to the PheZulu Safari Park. Here my guests were entertained by the high jumps, ululating and whoops so characteristic of Zulu dancers. A short tour of the model Zulu village also guests my guests a small insight to Zulu culture and custom.

ostrich and other birds keeping cool in the water on a warm day

Ostrich and other birds keeping cool in the water on a warm day

Marula Tree

During our game drive earlier in the day, I had chatted to my guests about the various trees and grasses found in South Africa; and had mentioned the Marula tree, the fruit of which the liqueur Amarula is made from. Well at lunch I was able to arrange for my clients to have a taste of the liqueur and they were hooked! So much so that on the way back to the ship, I had to go via a store and purchase some Amarula cream for them! All in a days work.



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