Over the last few weeks I’ve had a few requests for tours to Shakaland, so I’ve been there quite a few times in the last two months or so. And every time I visit, I’m left grinning ear to ear; the place is superb!

On my last visit, I took some video footage on my bottom-of-the-range camera to try and convey the energy and excitement the show itself gives. I also took footage of the start of the tour, where we visited Zulu tailors and blacksmiths, but there was a slight breeze that my camera’s audio decided to play back as a howling gale. No fun at all.

Tours to Shakaland

Shakaland is situated on the site where a TV serial called Shaka Zulu was filmed. The original village was built for the series, and on completion, it was handed over to the local community to manage as a tourist attraction. Over the years, Shakaland has gone from strength to strength, serving up not only a slice of traditional Zulu life, but also a fantastic buffet that has never failed to exceed expectations (I quite like the puddings).


tours to shakaland

Tours to Shakaland

Visitors start by being treated to a short clip of the TV series “Shaka“; specifically the part where Shaka’s father, Senzangakhona spies Shaka’s mother “Nandi” by the river and in Zulu tradition says “I fancy you”. The tour continues with a point and tell session around a model village in the sand, pointing out the main hut and wives hut before moving on to the full scale village.

Zulu Beer

There’s even an opportunity to taste some Zulu beer. It is without doubt an acquired taste, but when in Rome… (or in this case Zululand). Once all the outside bits are taken care of, visitors head into the main hut where one of the best shows I have ever seen is performed by the Zulu people there. Amazing leaping and bounding, incredible Zulu singing; I would return again and again just for that portion of the tour!

 Cruise Ships in Durban or Richards Bay

So if you’re on vacation, whether a local South African from upcountry, or perhaps a sun-worshipper aboard one of the many cruises lines that stop in Richards Bay or Durban, you should really make a plan to visit. Or better yet, drop us a line and let us set a personalized tour up for you.