The last few weeks have been pretty hectic, with tours to the Valley of 1000 Hills going almost twice a week, not too mention tours to Hluhluwe and the ‘Berg, has all led to me getting way behind on blog posts! It’s a pity too since my clients and I have had some amazing experiences that I’m always eager to share, but with there being so much, I tend to forget!

Plains Zebra female and young at Tala Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Plains Zebra’s keeping an eye on us!

Square Lipped Rhinoceros

One of the best experiences I’ve had on the Valley of 1000 Hills tour was a recent one. I collected 3 visitors from Canada in South Africa on a work experience project and took them out to Tala Game Reserve. We had been in the park for about 30 min or so when I saw a “crash” of Rhino grazing on the side of  one of the hills. I started off down the steep track to get a closer look.

Square Lipped Rhino grazing on the hillside at Tala  Game Reserve

Rhino Grazing on Hillside at Tala Game Reserve

Valley of 1000 Hills Tour

At the bottom of the hill I stopped and we watched as the Rhino grazed directly ahead of us, we were perfectly placed as the Rhino were slowly but surely making their way towards us. The Rhino were so chilled out and relaxed that they eventually finished up all around the vehicle, with one female giving the front bumper of the car a close inspection!

The girls had also wanted to see Giraffe so off we headed deeper into the Tala bush, finally coming across an old male just off the road, and a “journey” of giraffe just down the hill. All in all a successful day!

Giraffe in the shade at Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Giraffe in the shade at Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Unfortunately my camera batteries died during the tour, so I wasn’t able to get Giraffe pictures. Instead here’s a picture from a tour to Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve instead!