In just a few days (t-2) I get to explore one of the most scenic areas of South Africa, the Drakensberg Mountains. Known to the Zulu people as the uKhahlamba (Barrier of Spears) & the Dutch as “The Dragon Mountains“, this mountain is the highest in South Africa, rising to almost 3,500 meters!

Drakensberg Mountain Range

Drakensberg Mountains Pic: Martie Swart


This particular area of KwaZulu-Natal is not particularly familiar to me. I once had aspirations to hike a trail that ran from peak to peak over several days but too be honest, the thought of being cold just tends to put me off a bit. However, I plan to get as much walking, hiking and rambling in over the next week or so.

Fortunately I’ve invested in some good books for the adventure, the first being “Dragon’s Wrath” by R.O.Pearse and James Byron. Quite simply, this book reads like a “Boy’s Own Adventure” story. The book records in detail the early climbs of the various peaks in the Drakensberg Range, from the early successful climbs of the “Sentinel“, to the sad end of climbers and hikers caught in blizzards.

The 2nd book, “Best Walks of the Drakensberg” by David Bristow is exactly that, a guide to the best walks in the ‘Berg.

Quite excited to get going!