It’s that time of the year when day tours are coming thick and fast for us here at Country and Coastal Touring (not complaining though) and I never seem to have the time to catch up on posting. We’ve had a number of tours to Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari park from Durban, mostly clients off the visiting cruise ships.


Blue Wildebeest Male and Female at Tala Game Reserve, outside Durban (Valley of 1000 Hills Day Tour)

Tala and PheZulu Day Tour from Durban

For most visitors arriving aboard one of the big cruise lines time is pretty limited. Usually the ships spend about 12 hours in port before moving onto the next destination on their itinerary. So we have a number of pre-planned day tours that offer the best of Durban.

Valley of 1000 Hills day tour

One of the more popular day tours we offer is to the Valley of 1000 Hills where we visit the Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari park. One of our recent visits to Tala I was thrilled to capture a Black Backed Jackal on film!

Of course the rest of the day was just as great with a variety of different animals being spotted, including Hippo, Rhino and Giraffe. One of the best parts of the day was coming across 3 lone giraffe so close to the road we could almost reach out and touch them (we didn’t though)!

Durban Day Tour to PheZulu Safari Park

On this Durban day tour we also visit PheZulu Safari Park. Here my clients got to experience some fantastic traditional dancing, as well as enjoy a short tour of a mock Zulu village. What many people don’t realise is that many Zulu people still live the way the village depicted, the only difference being that many huts today are constructed of concrete and brick, not thatch.

After the tour of PheZulu we then walked on over to the reptile park, where I did a tour of the Nile crocodile. Again luck was on our side as the crocodile were pretty active for a change (feeding time was drawing near!).

Once we finished up with the crocodile, we moved on to the snakes. South Africa is home to many species of snakes, many of them poisonous. For the most part though fatalities from snake bites are very few and far between.

 Returning to Durban Harbor

Finally though our day came to an end and it was time to return my clients back to their home for the next few days, the cruise ship Rotterdam. Along the way I did find a new spot with brilliant views of Durban so we stopped for some pictures before dropping off at the Durban harbor

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