This weekend I had a last minute call for a small tour group from Portugal to head out into the 1000 Hills area for the day, the group wanting a bit of wildlife and culture, so of course that meant a visit to Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari park.

Animals of Tala Game Reserve in Durban

Tala Game Reserve in Durban, South Africa

The “1000 Hills” area just outside of Durban is spectacular for the rolling landscape which was once home to the “Debe” people who like many other indigenous people of KwaZulu-Natal were swept up by the Zulu tribe lead by the “Black Napoleon” of Africa, Shaka Zulu.

The 1000 Hills

the 1000 Hills

In the 1830’s the “1000 Hills” area became well known to local Durban settlers as being part of the “main road” from Durban to Pietermaritzberg and also become the overnight stop for most travelers and their “ox-teams”

Today the 1000 Hills area is known for it’s exceptional beauty and friendly folk. The towns of KwaNyswa and Botha’s Hill still cling to their small town roots, with sites overlooking KwaNyswa being popular with visitors as the look over the still very traditional and cultural township of Nyswa.

The day started off with a collection from a B&B in Morningside on the Berea, from there is was a quick hop onto the freeway and just 45min later we were at the gates of Tala. Not 5 minutes later we stood next to a small dam that had a number of Hippo’s in just keeping an eye out on us! We spent the morning riding the small dirt roads and saw Kudu, Impala, Warthog, a shy Giraffe hiding in the distance and plenty of birdlife!

Traditional Zulu "Beehive" Hut

Traditional Zulu "Beehive" Hut

We headed out to PheZulu Safari Park for lunch, and then after lunch my guests had a fantastic experience at the cultural village where they enjoyed a short tour of the the Zulu “beehive” huts and then a show.

We left PheZulu Safari Park after the show and started on the way back to Durban. Along the way we stopped in Hillcrest to give my guests an opportunity to enjoy a little shopping at one of the small malls (South African wine proving very popular!) before heading back towards Durban.

I took the scenic route back to Durban, giving my guests some fantastic photo opportunities, from the top of Fields Hill, to Paradise Valley and finally the “Cube” overlooking Durban on the Berea.

All in all a fantastic day!

PheZulu Safari Park Dancers

PheZulu Safari Park Dancers