These last few weeks have flown by with it seems just tour after tour, leaving me little time to update the blog. Most of the tours have been on the large side as well, as with a full vehicle it’s sometimes difficult to whip out the camera and get a few shots of my own. On Thursday though I had a really fun tour with just a single client, a young Muslim woman who was sightseeing Durban before heading back home to Cape Town.

Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari Park

Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari Park

Tala Game Reserve

After picking my client up at 8:00am from the Durban beachfront, we headed straight for Tala Game Reserve first. Initially I was worried about the weather, it was cold, overcast and appeared to be ready to rain. By the the time we got to Tala Game Reserve though, the sun had come out and it was looking like a beautiful day.

We entered the gates and right off the bat noticed Blue Wildebeest and Brontebok. Later on we came accross a journey of Giraffe that had my client smiling broadly! She loved the fact that the Giraffe posed for us so elegantly and even mentioned that up close, they appeared even taller and larger than she imagined them to be.

We spotted to White Rhino on one of the hills but couldn’t get close to them so had to settle for peering through the binoculars at them. They were totally relaxed in the mid-day sun, having a snooze.

Our last stop in Tala was the Hippo pool where a raft of Hippo were vocalising quite loudly. Again my client mentioned she never realised they could make so much noise together!

We left Tala just after about 3 hours, we were both looking forward to lunch and had seen quite a bit at Tala, my client seemed especially happy after her Giraffe sightings! By the end of the day we had seen Zebra, Kudu, Brontebok, Blue Wildebeest, Warthog, Giraffe, ImpalaHippo and White Rhino. Not as many birds this time of year, but that’s to be expected.

PheZulu Game Reserve

I took the “old main road” route back to PheZulu, intentionally wanting to show my client the view at Monteseel; I was glad I did since she was quite taken with the view; the day had cleared up nicely so we could see the rolling hills of the “1000 Hills” valley almost it seemed to the sea!

Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari Park

Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari Park

Lunch at Tala was really good. We had the vegetarian option on the menu and the meals were far more enjoyable than I thought they’d be (me being a meat eater and all). Time got away from us a bit here, we were so busy chatting before we knew it it was time for the Zulu cultural show at the model village so we had to “balega” (hurry) a bit.

Is was really impressed with my client, at the show she asked so many questions which most people don’t seem to do, a few stumped me so it turned into a learning session for myself as well as I had to go find some answers. The show maintained it’s usual energetic quality, even though there were just the two of us!

The Reptile Park

After the Zulu show we spent a little time at the small reptile park where we engaged with the Nile Crocodiles. It’s a section to PheZulu Safari Park I don’t often visit so I was looking forward to the tour myself. Always impressive are the Crocodiles Juliet and Grumpy(?) who are close on 100 years old and weigh in the order of 600kg’s! It’s insane that our guide actually climbs into the enclosures to pose with the Croc’s! I honestly believe one of these days the park is going to haave to advertise to fill the position of a missing reptile guide there!

Finally it was off back to my clients hotel. Along the way we went through the village of Hillcrest as well as bypassed Kloof (the area where it’s believed the last leopard in Durban was shot) and of course Pinetown. We missed all the traffic and were at the hotel by 4:30pm. A really good day.