After all the rain Durban has had over the past few weeks, I was a little apprehensive when a family asked to be shown around Tala Game Reserve and the Phezulu Safari Park, I was envisaging guiding in a torrential rainstorm! Fortunately the day turned out to be absolutely beautiful, just the type of weather you’d want when out on safari in KwaZulu-Natal!

Common Eland at Tala Game Reserve

Common Eland at Tala Game Reserve

After collecting my guests from a local Bed & Breakfast, we headed out directly for Tala Game Reserve, only stopping along the way for coffee at a convenience center along the main road.


White Rhino at Tala Game Reserve

White Rhino at Tala Game Reserve

After entering the gates, right off the bat I noticed some pretty distinctive grey shapes on the hillside… Rhino! Unfortunately the Rhino were on a section of road that had recently been closed off, but I knew once the day got a bit warmer they’d make their way up to a local waterhole so we left them for the time being and headed to see what we could see.

Blue Wildebeest Posing

Blue Wildebeest Posing

Our day was pretty pleasing, we spotted pretty much everything we came to see, except for Giraffe which was a little disappointing, oh well… sometimes that is how the cookie crumbles!


After a fine morning in the park, it was getting on time to head on out, but we hadn’t gotten any closer to the Rhino we had spotted early on.

But luck was on our side, as we were about to leave, out the corner of my eye I spotted some distinctive grey shaped meandering up the hill. I turned and headed to the waterhole where I was 100% sure they’d appear… and they did!

Two White Rhino casually sauntered out the bush into the road a few meters from where I was waiting, they both swung their great heads to go me a me look over, and then crossed the road, making a beeline for the waterhole.

I can honestly say that everyone in the vehicle, including myself was thrilled with the sighting, it was the perfect way to end the morning!

PheZulu Safari Park

We couldn’t hang around to long so after everyone took their pictures, we left the park and headed for our next destination… PheZulu Safari Park.

Zulu Dancers at PheZulu Safari park

Zulu Dancers at PheZulu Safari Park


We missed the first few minutes of the show because of the late arrival of the Rhino, but still managed to get the most of it. As usual, the Zulu dancers put on a fantastic and energetic display for all their visitors!

It was time eventually for us to make our way back to Durban. I think everyone had had quite a busy full day as I heard a little snoring coming from the back!

On the way back we did make a little detour for one of our clients who had asked a little about day walks in and around Durban.

One of the most popular walks that I know of is at Krantzkloof nature reserve. I stopped at a viewing point just outside of Hillcrest and gave my client a bit of an idea of what to expect!

Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

Krantzkloof Nature Reserve



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ps… On my arrival home, I was greeted by some Vervet Monkeys that were enjoying all the new shoots!

Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monky

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Ant Cox · 3 October, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Tala and Phezulu are such amazing places, if you have limited time in Durban and want a wildlife and cultural experience then Tala and Phezulu are perfect.