Day Tours In and Around Durban

I haven’t had much of a chance to update our blog over the last few weeks but that’s because we’ve been pretty busy showing visitors around the best province of South Africa… KwaZulu-Natal. It’s so fantastic to see how popular KwaZulu-Natal has become, particularly the city of Durban. Of course Read more…

10 Things to do in Durban

Durban has loads of tourists visit every single year. Unfortunately many of them are only here for a day or so because they are part of a cruise. Durban has about 40 ships a year docking in her harbor, thats quite a lot I think! And of course, all those people usually only have about 8 hours of time to spend, so the big question is, what can they do in those few hours. Well, here is my personal list of “10 Things to do in Durban“.

queen mary cruise ship

Queen Mary Cruise Ship


iSithumba in the Valley of 1000 Hills

For the past few weeks I have been taking guests on our newest tour, and I have to say, the response so far has been great! iSithumba is a small rural village hidden deep within the Valley of 1000 Hills. The village is home to the very warm and friendly Zulu people, and the site is just amazing, with the uMngeni River running past the village surrounded by natural vegetation.


Parked at iSithumba Adventures, in the valley of 1000 Hills

Parked at iSithumba Adventures.