Elephant behind a bush on a Durban safari tour to Hluluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

Durban Safari

Most people coming out to South Africa are on their way to the Kruger National Park and Cape Town, and that’s great, both places are fantastic to visit. Few though, know about how amazing Durban can be, and fewer still know about the great many opportunities there are around Durban to get out and enjoy a Durban Safari tour.


A Private Safari Day Tour To Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

I collected my guests from their hotel at 6am and headed northwards uder some very threatening rain clouds. Although it wasn’t raining when we started off, just 30 minutes lated the heavens opened up and the rain thundered down! This didn’t bode well for our private safari day tour to the Hluhlwue Imfolozi Game Reserve but as I said to my guests, never say die!

Elephant at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve on our private safari tour.

Elephant at Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve