Visitors to Durban from around the world are always fascinated by the Zulu people, their traditions and of course, their culture. One of the best ways to learn about the Zulu people is join our Shakaland Zulu Cultural Village Tour. This day tour departs Durban in the mornings and makes it’s way northwards through the rolling countryside of KwaZulu-Natal to the home of King Shaka, and the Zulu people in KwaBulawayo.

On this day tour visitors will get to travel some of the most beautiful landscapes in South Africa, heading north of Durban. Along the route your guide will point out sites of interest along the way as well as relate the story of how King Shaka came to power and formed the Zulu nation as we know it today.

Shakaland Zulu Cultural Village

The end destination is the Shakaland cultural village. Created in the 1880’s as a set for the TV series “Shaka Zulu” this village is the best example of what a Zulu village (umuzi) would have looked like pre-1900’s. Once filming was complete is was decided to donate the site to the local people to utilize as a tourist destination. It has been so successful that accommodation was included and even today school children from around South Africa visit to learn more about the Zulu people.

One of our favorite reasons for visiting is the amazing Zulu dance show put on for visitors which is hands down the best in South Africa. The dancers depict not only Zulu dances, but the traditional dances of the Sotho and Swazi’s. It’s an amazing experience and well worth the trip for this alone!

Traditional Zulu Dance

The village itself shows visitors how the “beehive” huts of the Zulu people were built, as well as describes and explains why the huts were laid out in the manner that they were. You’ll also get to learn about Zulu beer making and spear making and find out more about the roles of the Zulu men and woman.

Zulu maidens carrying pots on their heads on a Shakaland day tour

Zulu maidens carrying pots on their heads on a Shakaland day tour

While getting to the site, your guide will point out “kwaBulawayo” where Queen Nandi, Shaka’s mother, is buried. There is also the Mandawe Cross and Khanyile Cross which you guide will tell you all about.


On route to Shakaland, you will have the opportunity to visit KwaDukuza, a small town 45 min north of Durban founded by King Shaka and where in 1828 he was also assassinated. This a great spot to learn a little more about King Shaka himself (time permitting). From here we take the old road to Eshowe, passing along the way the site of the battle of Ndondakusuka where the Zulu princes Cetswayo and Mbuyazi fought over the Zulu crown in 1856, leading to one of the greatest lose of life in Africa in one single battle.

Battle of Gingindlovu

We’ll also pass by the site and time permitting, stop at the Battlefield of Gingindlovu where the British commander Lord Chelmsford defeated the Zulu army whilst on his way to relieve the siege of KwaMondi. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about what led to the Anglo Zulu War of 1879.

Zulu dancers performing at Shakaland on a durban day tour

Zulu dancers performing at Shakaland on a durban day tour

Full Day Tour to Shakaland from Durban

This Shakaland Zulu Cultural Village tour is a full day tour that departs any day of the week. We start at 8am and are usually back in Durban by 5pm. Included in this tour is a buffet lunch (this may be a set menu depending on the numbers attending Shakaland). This tour is probably one of the best ways to learn about the history of the Zulu people, their traditions and their culture.

Booking a Zulu Cultural Day Tour

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