It’s no secret the Rhino numbers are under terrible strain as syndicates target them for their horns. Fact is in 2013 over a 1000 Rhino were poached and so far in 2014, some 900 have been poached to date.  A number of parks that we visit on our tours have Rhino in them, and that means they’re a target for the poaching syndicates. For a game park, it means a massive outlay in resources, both financial and otherwise as they battle every day to keep the remaining Rhino safe. One group we see regularly are the Rangers in the Sky.

Rangers in the Sky

We often see this Bantam aircraft drifting above us while in the game park. It’s neat too be able to put a face to the aircraft and get some idea of what they’re doing up there (not just a joy ride then!).

Save the Rhino’s

For more information on the plight of Rhino’s, visit these sites below and if you’re able, even in a small way, get involved and maybe we can save this fantastic creatures for our childrens children to see and enjoy.