The city of Durban is not particularly big, some 250km2 in total. This does mean that the city can be toured in a morning provided not too much time is spent at the markets. And so it was with my most recent guests who wanted to see Durban but were also flying out later in the day.

durban city hall

Durban City Hall

A Morning Tour of the City of Durban

I collected my guests from their accommodation in Umhlanga (incidentally, this is a Zulu word that means “Place of Reeds”) and headed into Durban through the upmarket neighborhood’s of Durban North.

Along the way I chatted by the history of Durban, recounting the story of Farewell and his men as they tried to get rich quick (and like all schemes of a similar nature, failed!). I dealt a little with the history of the Zulu’s, though I didn’t go very deep into the history.

Durban Beach at 9am

Durban Beach at 9am

Golden Mile

In Durban we started along the Golden Mile and chatted about the Sunken Gardens and the old coat of arms, the history of surfing as well as touched on the shark nets. I also spoke a bit about Bluff and the Millennium Tower.

Mahatma Ghandi Road

From their we cut across town and headed direct to what was once Victoria Embankment and is now Margaret Mcandi Road. We stopped at the Vasco De Gama memorial and chatted about his ccontributionto South Africa and also paused at the yacht clubs (we have two, opposite each other, with an interesting history!).

Durban Harbor

Durban Harbor

Warwick Markets

My visitors were keen to sample a bit of local culture and traditions, so what better place than the Warwick Market Triangle. Here we walked through the Muthi Market (herbal medicine market), the Early Morning Market (fresh fruit and vegetable) as well as the Cow’s Head Market (the name says all).

Grey Street Complex

We also chatted a great deal about the indentured Indian people that were brought into Durban during the 1860’s and on release from their indentured contracts, were allowed to settle in Durban. In fact there’s a great story about the Durban city hall and the Indian people, but you’ll have to join me on a tour to hear it!

Durban Coat of Arms - 1912

Durban Coat of Arms – 1912

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Time was definitely not on our side so we hurried onto the Moses Mabhida Stadium where we enjoyed the funicular car ride to the top of the stadium with just the fantastic views, especially since Durban was really showing off with blue skies and warm temperatures.

Florida Road

Our final stop was along Florida Road with it’s many restaurants, art galleries and sights. I also pointed out the three “villa’s” that were built in 1903 and are today protected heritage sites. Last but not least was a drive past the beautiful Mitchel’s park with it’s fantastic landscaping.

Durban City

Durban City

Finally though it time to get my guests back to their hotel for check out. Durban really is a wonderful city and today’s tour showed the city off wonderfully!


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