I remember ages ago reading a blog post by Lola where she mentions visiting KwaZulu-Natal and Durban as a part of “Through the Lens“; a partnership between National Geographic and South African Tourism. Was pretty exciting, I even made the odd suggestions on where to go in KZN (which in retrospect I could kick myself because there’s loads of places to visit and I never gave enough suggestions!!!). Well, time has flown by, and here’s the result; from the beautiful beaches of Durban, to the green flowing hills in Eshowe and Shakaland.


From the views in the vignette, she definitely made it too Shakaland in Eshowe, the view of the Zulu maidens with the Goedertroudam in the background are unmistakeably Shakaland. And although it’s pretty quick, the one road that Lola’s on does remind me of the dirt road from the R68 to Iswandlwana (but it’s quick so I may be wrong).


I personally think it’s great! Thank you National Geographic, South African Tourism and Lola. I think Durban is one of the most underrated city’s in the world to visit, we got fantastic beaches here, the rolling hills of Zululand are always breathtaking, the Drakensberg is just one of those places you have to have on your bucket list, and I’ve leaft out the Big-5… of which there’s loads!

You can check out more of Lola’s work at her website, her photography skills are epic!