For the past few weeks I have been taking guests on our newest tour, and I have to say, the response so far has been great! iSithumba is a small rural village hidden deep within the Valley of 1000 Hills. The village is home to the very warm and friendly Zulu people, and the site is just amazing, with the uMngeni River running past the village surrounded by natural vegetation.


Parked at iSithumba Adventures, in the valley of 1000 Hills

Parked at iSithumba Adventures.



tour group listening to the local guide talk about the history of the valley

Group listening to our local guide.

The Valley of 1000 Hills is about 40km’s west of the city of Durban, an easy and scenic drive. For those in Durban for just a day, like passengers on a cruise ship, or businessmen with little time, it’s a perfect way to really experience traditional Zulu culture. Getting to the village of iSithumba isn’t too difficult, but it does involve a fairly winding and steep drop into the valley. The views though, are just magnificent.


So what makes this place special?

Inside a local house.

Visiting some of the homes, taverns, and places of worship in the area.

Lets start with the people. They are just so friendly and welcoming. Not once during my visits have I felt uncomfortable or threatened. Walking about and chatting to everyone, it just feels like the people here want you to stay, there’s smiles all about, handshakes aplenty. Meeting the Sangoma and the Chief, there was none of the boredom that comes from “show villages”, employees playing a role 20 times a day. The Chief, the Sangoma, the store keeper, the tavern owner, every single person was just excited for us to be there. And that translates to a fantastic visit.

Our host at lunch.

Our host at lunch.

And the view! I know there are beautiful places all over the world, and that it’s a relative thing. But for me, this was just awesome. At the bottom of the valley, surrounded by tall hills with typical South African bushveld scrub, the river running nearby, small traditional homes dotted about, nGuni cows munching nearby, to this South African boy, it’s about as good as it gets.

The scenic village

The scenic village

The food. On my last visit, we had lunch with one of the ladies in the village, a simple affair, just putu, some spinach, a homemade tomato sauce/relish and butternut. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t the only one who went back for seconds (and possibly thirds); ’nuff said.

children eating their lunch

Children eating their lunch

I could go on and on, raving about the valley and it’s people. But the only way to experience for yourself, is to join me on a tour. So contact us and book your place today!


ps. For more pictures from this tour, click on the image below.