The saying “every cloud has a silver lining” is true.After picking my guests up from the Queen Mary II liner at Durban harbour, we headed west out of Durban city to the still very rural areas of the Valley of 1000 Hills for our Isithumba Tour.

the rural village of isithumba in the valley of 1000 hills, durban, south africa

The Rural Village of Isithumba in the Valley of 1000 Hills, Durban, South Africa

Isithumba Tour

Our day started off with a sudden cloud burst of rain that seemed to have put paid to our intended tour to the village of Isithumba. Luckily the rain eased off and we reached the village of Isithumba without further ado.

We met with our local guide Jeffrey whom after a short induction to the area, started our tour off with a visit to the local sangoma (a traditional Zulu healer). We were also introduced the village headman, who is a young 80 years of age!

visiting the sangoma on the isithumba tour

Visiting the Sangoma on the Isithumba Tour

Jeffrey continued with our tour, giving an informative, factual and entertaining view on the way of life, the various beliefs and culture of the local Zulu people. This is usually a walking tour lasting about 90 min, but the rain put paid to the “walking” part,  Still a great morning thoroughly enjoyed by all!

We headed to our favourite local restaurant, HillBilly’s in Bothas Hill, where we were warmly welcomed by our host Brad. We all ordered a Durban favorite, the “bunny chow” which was excellent! HillBilly’s was so great that that soon all the patrons were chatting like old friends across the tables!

hillbilly's in the valley of 1000 hills, durban, south africa

HillBilly’s in the Valley of 1000 Hills, Durban, South Africa

After lunch we visited the PheZulu Safari park where we all enjoyed the Zulu dancing and ended off with a guided tour of the Reptile Park. On our way back to the Queen Mary II I wanted to treat my guests to a short tour of Durban, so we headed to the stadiums, stopping at Moses Mabhida Stadium, and at the “Shark Tank“, home to the Sharks Rugby Team.

We ended the day off with a drive along the Golden Mile (Durban’s beautiful beach front), stopping to bargain with some local traders for curios before finally dropping my guests off at the Queen Mary II.

An extremely successful day spent with some new found friends!

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