We haven’t posted in quite a while, but happily that’s because we had a fantastically busy touring season. So whilst I’ve got a bit of time, I thought I would catch up a bit. Of the last few tours I’ve guided, the most memorable has to be our Isithumba Day Tour in the Valley of 1000 Hills!

visitors to Durban are guided through the Zulu village of Isithumba in the Valley of 1000 Hills

Visitors to Durban are guided through the Zulu village of Isithumba in the Valley of 1000 Hills

Isithumba Day Tour

Isithumba is a rural Zulu village situated in the Valley of 1000 Hills, some 40-odd kilometers west of Durban. Isithumba is a real village. it’s not a Disney set, or a hastily erected tourist attraction, but a typical Zulu village. The Zulu inhabitants don’t have very much, but they are as friendly, warm and inviting as anyone could be!

Our local guide jeffery introducing local visitors to Isithumba

Our local guide Jeffrey introducing visitors to Isithumba

Our group of 20 visitors off the MS Amsterdam were split into two groups for the Isithumba tour, each group then guided by a resident of Isithumba. During the tour, visitors were introduced to the headman of the village, as well as the traditional healer. There were plenty of opportunities to take photographs of the local people who enjoy hosting visitors from other countries.

PheZulu Safari Park

After the fascinating tour of Isithumba, We headed off to lunch where some adventurous souls tried the local favorite, the “bunny chow“. A not-too-hot curry in a hollowed out loaf of bread, not that great for the figure but so delicious!

a delicious bunny chow

A delicious bunny chow!

We arrived at PheZulu Safari Park just in time for a walk around the reptile park to have a look at some of the local species of snakes, spiders and of course the stars of the show, the Nile Crocodile.

Finally we sat down to watch the Zulu show at PheZulu. The show is about 30 min long and has some really frentic high leg kicks and jumps – always enjoyable!

zulu dancers at phezulu safari park

The Zulu Dancers at PheZulu Safari Park


Finally is was time to head back to Durban after a fun filled day. We did make a stop at uShaka Marine World for a few that still felt the urge to spend money, but for most of the visitors it was back to the ship!

MS Amsterdam at the docks in durban

MS Amsterdam at the Docks in Durban

Durban Day Tours

Country & Coastal Touring have on offer a number of day tours for visitors arriving by cruise ship or are in Durban on business. For a list of our Day Tours please visit our day tour page for more information on our Isithumba Day Tour or any of our other day tours.

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