The last few weeks have been really busy, with many visitors to COP17 taking the opportunity to visit the Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Reserve.

Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Reserve Collage

Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Reserve

The overnight trip was quite a success. We arrive late afternoon after a visit to Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Center. My guests remarked after that they were surprised by how much they were allowed to interact with the cats, the cheetah of course being the favorite!

Our afternoon drive in the Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Reserve was a fantastic, we came accross a nice assortment of animals, including a “sounder of warthog” that chased after some butterflies, as well as a “gang of buffalo” that surrounded the vehicle and kept us entertained for ages!

The following day we headed out nice and early, the highlight of the morning being a blue wildebeest and white rhino seemingly rubbing noses at a watering hole!

Animals spotted…

  • White Rhino
  • Giraffe
  • Blue Wildebeest
  • Plains Zebra (originally Burchells Zebra)
  • Buffalo
  • Nyala, male & female
  • Impala
  • Baboons
Birds spotted…
  • Yellow Billed Kite
  • Common Waxbill
  • Blue Waxbill
  • Pintailed Whydah
  • Redcollared Widow
  • Redbilled Quelea
  • Southern Red Bishop
  • Cape Weaver
  • Yellow Weaver
  • Glossy Starling
  • Oxpecker
  • …. and many many more!