Here at Country and Coastal Touring, we do loads of tours. The majority of tours are day tours, and they are always fun and everyone seems to enjoy them. But my favorite tours, without any doubt, are those multi-day safari tours, like the one I had earlier this week; a Hluhluwe Imfolozi Safari Tour.

late afternoon moon over hluhluwe imfolozi game reserve

Late Afternoon Moon Over Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Center

We started at 7:30am, leaving the sun drenched streets of Durban for the open road heading north along the N2 towards our first stop, the Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Center. Emdoneni was established to care for Cheetahs, Caracals, Servals and African Wild Cat that have been injured or orphaned.

Cheetah at Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Center

Cheetah at Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Center

On arrival at the center we were treated to a tour of the facility and my guests were thrilled to interact with these beautiful cats. The opportunity to touch and then have your picture taken alongside these wonderful animals is always some thing to be treasured!

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Safari Tour

Once done with the cats we headed on up the road to Memorial Gate of the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve for the first game drive of our 3 day tour. Memorial Gate always has some activity, and our first afternoon didn’t disappoint, with Giraffe, Zebra and Buffalo being the first to be spotted.

spotted hyena at hluhluwe imfolozi game reserve

Spotted Hyena at Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

The next day and a bit proved to be great. We did try our luck trying to find Lion in the Imfolozi section, then again on the final morning of the Hluhluwe section, but we missed them by probably minutes! But of course, that’s the way it is, trying to find the animals is half the fun, or else one might as well visit a zoo!

elephant blocking the road at the hluhluwe imfolozi game reserve

An Elephant Roadbock at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

Despite the lack of Lions, we still fantastic sightings, including three Hyena which we followed for at least a kilometer! The Hluhluwe section of the park was swarming with Elephant which was a real treat, and on their evening game drive in an open vehicle, the clients were lucky to be in really close to them!

We also enjoyed spotting loads of birds, including a very photogenic Yellow Billed Kite (my camera had died at this point though). There were even some Dung Beetle about that kept us entertained for quite some time.

white rhino in the hluhluwe imfolozi game reserve

White Rhino in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

On leaving the park on the third day, we were treated to a really interesting site as a female White Rhino took exception to a male White Rhino being too near her calf and proceeded to chase him off with much squealing, huffing and puffing!

 St Lucia Estruary

On our final day we stopped at the St Lucia Estuary on our way back to Durban, and my clients were able to board one of the local boards for a leisurely cruise to look at Hippo and Crocodile. A little earlier I had taken them for a walk on the boardwalk and we saw the largest Crocodile I’ve ever seen in the estuary!

zebra and warthog in the water at the hluhluwe imfolozi game reserve

Zebra and Warthog Staying Cool at Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

From there, a quick lunch and we headed back to Durban. All in all, I had a really good time on this tour; from the sightings, to our lodgings at Hilltop Camp in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, to the wonderful food and so many great memories!

If you would like to enjoy this Hluhluwe Imfolozi Safari Tour with Country and Coastal Touring, just fill in the contact form below and get in touch and we’ll get started planning for you today!

More Images from this tour…

Foxy emperor butterfly

Foxy Emperor Butterfly (Charaxes Jasius Saturnus)

our toyota quantum tour bus

Our Toyota Quantum Tour Bus


beautiful early morning giraffe picture

Beautiful Early Morning Giraffe Picture