I picked up my American clients from their hotel at 6:30am and headed direct for the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve for our safari day tour. Traffic was really light so we made good time to Nylazi gate. As usual, I had to make a decision to head south into the Imfolozi section, or north into the Hluhluwe section, a choice that isn’t easy to make at all! A mention of lions sighted early in the morning in the south made my mind up for me, so Imfolozi section it was.

White Rhino at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve on a Day Safari

White Rhino

Safari Day Tour

Unfortunately although the lions may have been spotted early in the day, by the time we had arrives, there were no sign of them at all. Though as luck would have it, they apparently re-appeared some time after we had left and made a buffalo kill in the same are! Unfortunately when you’re on a just a day tour, there’s very limited time, so sometimes you just got take your lumps.

Elephant at the Hluhluwe Imoflozi Game Reserve on a Day Safari

Elephant at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

The day wasn’t a washout though that’s for sure. We saw water buck, beautiful male kudu’s, elephant, nyala, impala, vervet monkey, chacma baboon, giraffe and of course white rhino. I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few off the tick list (yup, forgot buffalo) so it a really successful day.

Elephant and Buffalo

After having spent the entire day in Imfolozi, by group decision it was decided to head north to the Hluhluwe section and leave through Memorial gate, and perhaps see something there. What a great decision that turned out to be! We were soon surrounded by 40 buffalo as they nonchalantly grazed all about the vehicle

elephant crossing the road at hluhluwe imfolozi game reserve day safari

Elephant crossing the road

And then, not 1km down the road, we happened on a herd, or rather a “parade” of Elephant crossing the road. At least 30 strong, with very new calves in tow. Was quite simply a fantastic ending to a productive, hot and beautiful day!

chacma baboon at hluhluwe imfolozi game reserve day safari tour

Chacma Baboon