It was another early start on Sunday, I had to collect guests from the Coastlands Hotel in Umhlanga and take them out for the day to Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve. Because there were a few of them, I asked a colleague of  mine, Tim Brown if he wouldn’t mind helping out.


Giraffe Posing

We left Umhlanga just before 8am, a little later than I hoped but not a serious problem at all since the road was fairly quiet and we made pretty good time. We stopped along the way to stretch the legs and have a cup of coffee where Tim pointed out to me that we were running a little later than I had thought.

I had arranged for a open-vehicle game drive for my clients at 10am, and after a little mental arithmetic, realised we’d have to really get going if we were going to make it in time; turns out we did, but literally by a minute or so!

White Rhino Swimming Pool

White Rhino Swimming Pool

After our guests left for their game drive, Tim and I enjoyed a coffee in the lounge area of Hilltop Camp. We wondered out loud constantly as to how our guests were enjoying their game drive and if they were seeing anything. Turns out they had a fantastic time, the highlight was being charged by a Bull Elephant in musth!

After a deserved lunch, we jumped back into our vehicles and headed back into the bush, and right away came accross a “crash” of White Rhino cooling down during the heat of the afternoon in their very own pool!

On the way out of the park, we really hit the mother-load! Just before Memorial Gate we came across more White Rhino, Warthog, Impala, Nyala, Blue Wildebeest,  Buffalo, Zebra as well a a “journey” (or “tower”) of Giraffe. We were also fortunate to watch two male Giraffe “necking”; this is a form of manoeuvres practiced by males in preparation for the more aggressive “sparring” when establishing dominance.

Buffalo "Gang"

Buffalo "Gang" in the Late Afternoon

Once again we were running a little late in leaving the park, but in this case it was worth it considering the fantastic sightings in the last half hour! We left The park at about 4:30pm and after a brief “comfort break” stop along the way, were back back in Durban at 7pm.


A long day but as always, worthwhile.





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