Today was Heritage Day in South Africa, a public holiday country wide where people can get together with friends and family and celebrate their particular cultural heritage. For us here at Country and Coastal Touring, it was another work day, and I was quite happy about that!

Impala Male

Impala Male at Tala Game Reserve

Valley of 1000 Hills

My clients today were three very excited young ladies hailing from Nigeria, here in South Africa to attend a conference. Fortunately they had some time off to explore Durban and it’s beautiful surroundings, and today it was the turn of the “Valley of 1000 Hills“.

Nigerian Tourists

Nigerian Tourists

After collecting our guests from the Hilton Hotel in Durban, we headed directly up towards Tala Game Reserve. Because of the public holiday, traffic was really light and we made really good time, even after a stop for coffee along the way.

The day itself was a perfect Durban day, fantastic blue skies with no clouds in sight, with a gentle breeze keeping us all cool.

After entering the gates of Tala it was like all the animals came out to play! In a really short period of time we saw White Rhino, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest and Blesbok.

The Tala Game Reserve was busier today than I had seen in a long while, but fortunately there was enough space for all of us. I once again did my best to find Giraffe but even after interrogating every vehicle I came accross it seemed the Giraffe were still determined to stay hidden!

Zebra at Tala Game Reserve

Zebra at Tala Game Reserve

After the fantastic morning at Tala it was time to get going to our next destination, PheZulu Safari park. The staff at PheZulu  were also getting into the spirit of the day and had all dressed up for Heritage Day (but were too shy to get their pictures taken!).

Hippo at Tala Game Reserve

Hippo at Tala Game Reserve

After a thoroughly enjoyable lunch it was time for the Zulu show. Again it must have been thanks to the day because I have never seen the dancers so inspired before, normally they put 110% in, but today it must have been 150%, they really had the audience captivated!

Reptile Park at PheZulu Safari Park

Zulu Sangoma

Zulu Sangoma at PheZulu Safari Park

With the day nearly at an end, there was one more attraction to visit, and that’s the Reptile Park at PheZulu.

We were fortunate in that we arrived just as the Nile Crocodile were being fed, quite an eye opener to see just how quick these huge reptiles can move!

It was also quite scary to discover that many of the Crocodiles housed at the Reptile were discovered in nearby rivers! In fact, every year just before the Duzi canoe race, the rivers are patrolled for crocodiles in order to keep the paddlers safe!

Finally our day was over and we headed back to Durban where the girls decided that the day was still far too good to be wasted indoors and so asked me to drop them off at the beach.

Nile Crocodile at PheZulu Crocodile Park

Nile Crocodile at PheZulu Safari Park



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