It seems that even in the midst of a storm, there’s something to smile about. Over this past weekend there have been warnings issued to the northern-easterly sections of coast about a cyclone (Irina) that was about to flood half the country. Fortunately for the eastern coast of South Africa, the effects were less than anticipated and although there were some fatalities and property damage, it was all in all not that bad considering what it could have been.

Happy Hippo at St.Lucia Estuary

Happy Hippo at St.Lucia Extuary

And this brings me to an article found at News24. It seems that there are some residents of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park who are thrilled with the weather, the Hippo’s and the Crocodiles. The wetland park (South Africa‘s first world heritage site) has been suffering from drought for the past 10 years have been given a slight reprieve and hopefully will continue to get some much needed rain over the next few days especially with winter on it’s way.