After collecting my clients from their hotel in Florida Road, we hit the road direct for St.Lucia first. It was a fantastic start to a 3 day tour, the weather was just perfect and traffic light. We made really good time and got to St.Lucia with time enough to spare before the cruise left.

Curious Hippo get close to a Nile Crocodile

Curious Hippo get close to a Nile Crocodile

Curious Hippos

The highlight of the cruise on the St.Lucia estuary had to be this moment where a female Hippo and her young grew extremely curious about the Nile Crocodile sunning itself nearby and walked up real close to inspect the interloper. Not seen in the picture was a whole “raft of Hippo“, at least 20 strong all lying about on the banks not 10 meters away. That Crocodile was really “playing with his sick leave” (as my mother would say!).


Hluhluwe Landscape at 6:30am

Hluhluwe at 6:30am

After the cruise we headed for our overnight accommodation at Emdoneni. At 4:00pm we were treated to watching the cats in the rehabilitation section get fed, and we had our pictures taken with Moyo, one of the resident Cheetah. It had been a long day so it was back to our rooms to rest, then off to supper followed by bed since we had an early game drive the following morning.

Early Morning Game Drive

We were up at going at 5:30am, meeting our guide Mishak for open vehicle game drive. After wrapping ourselves up nice and tight against the wind, we were off and in the park by 6:20am. And almost right away struck gold! Mishak had been into the reserve the night before and had come across a Wild Dog kill, and he was hopeful that there would still be some activity in the morning.

Hyena standing over the remains of Wild Dog kill

Hyena on a Wild Dog Kill

Spotted Hyena!

Peering between the branches of a tree, we made out at least 3 Hyena around a kill made by the Wild Dog’s the evening before. And not 5 meters from the vehicle, a 4th watched from the top of a bank. Really exciting so early in the morning!

Chacma Boboon perched in a tree

Chacma Baboon watched from his perch in the tree

The rest of the morning was a little quieter, but that’s how things are sometimes, Mother Nature giveth and taketh away! We stopped for a packed breakfast and some much needed coffee before finally leaving the park and heading back to Emdoneni.

After lunch we headed back in and once again explored the park, our luck not really getting much better, but still far better than sitting behind a desk I imagine!

We headed back into the park after lunch, leaving only at 6pm, and went back in again at 6am the following morning. We saw 3 of the Big-5 and of course saw loads of other animals as well.

Once again, a very successful and happy tour I believe!

Vervet Monkeys grooming in the sun

Vervet Monkeys Grooming in the sun