A family of contacted me all the way from Canada, they had been on many safari tour’s in Africa before, but none in South Africa. On top of that, they hadn’t been all that lucky with elephant, with sightings being few and far between. So they asked if they toured with Country and Coastal Touring, would they see elephant?

Elephant Herd in Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

We had three days planned in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, and although sightings are not guaranteed because of the nature of game viewing, I was fairly confident that we could come across an elephant at some point.

Well as it happened, on our very first afternoon in the park, we got exceptionally lucky! I was driving along the main road when I heard and then glimpsed elephant moving through the thick bush alongside us.

60 Elephant together!

I sped up a little to where I expected the elephant to pop out the bush and sure enough, that’s what happened! We spent at least 45 min watching elephant crossing and then interacting around a mud hole.

My guests counted 60 elephant milling about at one stage! It was clear there was 3 seperate herds and as eaxh herd finished socialing they went off in their own seperate ways. It was an incrdible sighting and one I don’t think the Donovan family will forget in a hurry!

Some Fun Facts About Elephant

  • The African elephant is the largest of all land mammals and weigh up to about 7 tons.
  • An elephant can consume on avergae 180kg of food in a day; just imagine what that works out to in a lifespan of 65 years!
  • Elephants give birth every 3/4 years and gestation is nearly 2 years!
  • Tusks (incisors) are an important tool used for digging, fighting, debarking trees as well as marking territories.
  • An elephants trunk is basically a long nose that has a whole lot of uses, including picking up objects. Elephant trunks have about 100,000 different muscles and can be left or right handed.
  • Elephants do not have sweat glands so rely on their big ears to help dissapate heat.

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