Is was my first Tourism Indaba that I attended not as a visitor but as a participant. The Durban Tourism Indaba is one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and one of the top three ‘must visit’ events of its kind on the global calendar

Durban Tourism Indaba 2012

Durban Tourism Indaba 2012 - that's me in the white golf-shirt on the right!

It showcases the widest variety of Southern Africa’s best tourism products, and attracts international visitors and media from across the world. INDABA is owned by South African Tourism and organised by Witch & Wizard Creative (Pty) Ltd. For two years in a row, INDABA has won the award for Africa’s best travel and tourism show. This award was presented by the Association of World Travel Awards. Indaba is a four day trade event that attracts well over 13000 delegates from the travel tourism and related industries. (taken from

I thought the Indaba was actually pretty well laid out. We had a number of visitors to the “1000 Hills” stand which I was helping man, with quite a number of positive comments regarding the future of tourism in South Africa.

The only negative to the Indaba was the fact that we only seemed to get information on our stand in the week prior to the Indaba, so not really much time available to get our acts together. Still, a good opportunity, so here’s hoping something will come out of it.


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Colin J. Fryer · 2 June, 2012 at 7:54 am

Is this one of the most awesome paradoxes, an African liberation governments travel & tourism show welcomes the travel ” world ” to meet…same old, same old – product diametrically opposed and needed within their product needs – ineffective reception and event management all wrapped up in a four day (one percent of an entire year) fest of tired smiles and aziko understanding of what
the international buyer is looking for in today & tomorrows travel world. South Africa is losing the battle to demand their attention, to swing the big numbers and to sell itself on a platform that these good folk can sell to their respective home countries. Indaba is a South African governmental run show where the governing parameters do not reflect the guide lines of private business (cost to reward ratio, time management) and as such two “forces” meet under one event in a cacophony of unrelated, non-communicative noise that has become irrelevant to an ever increasing degree. The travel & tourism industry within
sub Saharan Africa has attracted governments interest for all the right reasons ( poverty alleviation, employment creation, incremental investment ) and each of these polly magicians rides on our backs to maximise what THEY perceive to be
the way forward ( increased entrance fees, airport taxes, entry visa fees etc.). In essence, Indaba is stale, presenting much of the wrong mix of product and fast losing its value to international buyers. Question is, does our lot give a rat’s arse to develop a sustainable, brilliant and innovative travel & tourism product in today’s market? Colin J. Fryer, Centre Stage Travel, Cape Town