December has been really busy for us, with lots of people booking a combination of wildlife safari tours and Zulu cultural tours with us; some of them only day tours and some extended tours. The most popular day tour for us at this time of the year is our Valley of 1000 Hills tour which includes a visit to Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari Park. Normally though it’s just visitors off the visiting cruise ships. Yesterday though, we had a nice surprise, a lovely local couple booked us for a days excursion to the Valley of 1000 Hills.

Kudu Male Grazing at Tala Game Reserve



Tala Game Reserve

We collected our guests from Phoenix, a local area just outside of Durban near uMhlanga. The original Phoenix settlement was actually home to Mahatma Gandhi way back in 1904. Today it’s a huge sprawling area that is easy to get lost in (as we discovered later in the day!)

Our first stop was Tala Game Reserve in the Camperdown area. Our clients had never had an opportunity to see animals in their (semi) natural environment before and were definitely pleased with the time spent in Tala Game Reserve.

rhino at tala game reserve


We seemed to be quite lucky, in that probably in the first hour we had seen almost all the animals in the park. Rhino and Giraffe are always popular with visitors, but the Eland and Kudu are also great hits.

Interestingly we came across a Rhino that had just been darted. It seems that because of the high incidence of Rhino poaching around the country, smaller parks such as Tala Game Reserve are being proactive and de-horning the Rhino’s in order to keep them safe.


Sedated Rhino – Note the dart on the hind quarter


Intaba View Restaurant

The game viewing at Tala Game Reserve had built up quite an appetite so off we went to a restaurant called Intaba View. We don’t often stop here, but decided to give it a try. The restaurant has absolutely breathtaking views of the Valley of 1000 Hills and the food was great.

PheZulu Safari Park

We got to PheZulu Safari Park in time for the Zulu show and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed the Zulu dancing. I must say, considering what a blistering hot day it was in the Valley of 1000 Hills, I’m more than impressed by the dancers abilities!

zulu dancers at phezulu safari park


Reptile Park

After a great show it was time to walk around the reptile park which is home to the Nile Crocodile, a number of snakes as well as tortoise and lizards. The reptile park has really improved, and it is a pleasure to view all the inhabitants that in the usual course of events, people usually give a wide berth to!

Finally though it was time to head back home. I really enjoyed today’s tour. It was great to meet some local people who are wanting to explore their city and learn more about the wildife around them. All in all, a great day out!

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