One of the great things about visiting Durban is the large number of game reserves that can be found near Durban. One of my favorites has to be Tala game reserve which is about 45 min west of Durban. The reserve is easy to get to, has a great range of animals to view and even has a pool! If you’re visiting Durban, even if it’s just for the day, then a Durban Safari to Tala Game Reserve should be on your list of things to do.

What to See at Tala Game Reserve

The game reserve is 3000 hectares of mixed vegetation supporting a range of different animals and bird species. The terrain is mostly open grasslands interspersed with thicker forest and has a large dam as well as smaller water sources.

Rhino Spotted on a Durban Safari Tour

Rhino Spotted on a Durban Safari Tour

Tala Game Reserve has no predators except the Black Backed Jackal which isn’t seen too often. The game reserve does have a fantastic range of different animal species to view; there are Kudu and Eland as well as Wildebeest, Impala, Nyala, Zebra and smaller antelope.

Giraffe are always popular animals for visitors to view and Tala Game Reserve has a health population of Giraffe. There are also White Rhino to view as well as Hippo. Quite honestly, Tala Game Reserve is one of the best places to view so many different species in a short period of time on a Durban safari.

Birding at Tala Game Reserve

For many people visiting South Africa, the birds spotted are just as important as the animals. Tala Game Reserve is home to around 380 different species of birds. Over the past few years we’ve seen African Fish Eagle, a variety of Kingfishers, African Darters and Cormorants, Gymnogene’s, Yellow Billed Kites, Weavers, Ostrich and so many more; it’s truly a birding hot spot!

Bird of a Durban Safari to Tala Game Reserve

Relax at the Picnic Spot and Pool

Like most game reserves around South Africa, the heat of midday is not really the best time to be animal spotting, this is usually the best time for a picnic lunch. Tala Game Reserve offers a great spot to set up a braai (barbecue) and serve up a great lunch. There’s a pool at the picnic ground to cool off in, and since the picnic spot is not fenced off, animals do sometimes walk through the picnic site – it’s a great experience!

Lion at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve on a Durban Day Safari Tour

Lion at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve on a Durban Day Safari Tour

The History of Tala Game Reserve

Tala is the perfect example of the local community and private landowners working together for a common good. Back in the 1970’s many of the black families living in the area were forcibly removed by the white authorities of the time, their homes and even livestock destroyed.

Over the years the land Tala is situated on went from traditional land, to farm land to eventually a game reserve. In 1998 an Act was enabled which allowed indigenous people to apply to the government to return land back to original owners. In Tala’s case, the Nkumbulene Trust worked alongside the owners to have the land transferred back to the community. Today Tala is owned by the community and run by a management company.

Getting to Tala Game Reserve

The easiest way of getting to and around Tala Game Reserve is too simply book a Durban safari tour to Tala game reserve with us. We offer a range of tours including…

  • Valley of 1000 Hills tour which includes a morning at Tala (with option braai).
  • A Tala Game Reserve morning only tour.
  • A Tala Game Reserve tour with hot ballooning.
  • A microlight flight over Tala with a game drive and lunch at Tala Game Reserve.

Visitors can also drive their own vehicles to Tala and enjoy their own game drive, just make sure the rules of the game reserve are followed to avoid any harm to yourselves or the animals.

How to Book a Durban Safari Tour to Tala Game Reserve

Imply use any of the methods below to get in touch; let us know what date you wish to visit and how many there are of your group. We go to Tala every day.

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Images from Tala Game Reserve