On a very wet and dark day, I picked up my group of 5 clients and we headed into Durban City for a short tour, before we made our way to the Valley of 1000 Hills.

Durban Beachfront

Durban Beachfront on an Overcast and Wet Day!

“The Golden Mile”

Since the day was pretty damp with a chill in the air, I took a chance that my clients would all be in need of a coffee, so after stopping at a Wimpy for the coffee take-away’s, I arrived at the “North Beach Tourism Office” where I presented the coffees to a very grateful group of tourists!

Since we were on the beach front, it made sense to start the tour along the Golden Mile, the marketing term for the stretch of beach in front of the Durban hotels. I spent most of the drive chatting about the history of Durban, as well as the measures taken in the early years to protect bathers from shark attacks.

We stopped near uShaka for the opportunity to take some pictures of an angry Indian Ocean but the rain started up and everyone felt far more comfortable in the car with hands wrapped around their coffees!

 Moses Mabhida Stadium

We ended our tour at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, where the general consensus was that out of all the stadiums in the country, the MM Stadium was definitely the best! Although the weather had deteriorated to a point where winds had picked up quite drastically, my clients braved the rain and wind to enjoy the view at the top of the stadium.

Grey Street Durban

Our itinerary called for us to enjoy the sights of Durban’s Botanical Gardens but it was decided by a majority vote to rather stay dry in the vehicle and explore the old “Grey Street” of Durban. One of my clients was fascinated by the history of the Indians in Durban and asked some really thought-provoking questions. We decided on an early and long lunch where I went into far greater depth about the Indian population in Durban than I normally would have, but I have to say I enjoyed it immensely!


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