A Durban Day Safari Tour to Tala Game Reserve

Our Durban Day Safari Tour to Tala Game Reserve started with me collecting my clients off their cruise ship, the Nautica in Durban harbor. On our way to Tala game reserve I chatted a bit about the history of Durban and it’s people, as well as pointed out some the sites along the way, including the Vasco De Gama clock, the John Ross and Dick King statue’s, the Muthi Market and a few other interesting sites.

kudu at tala game reserve

Durban Safari and Zulu Cultural Tour

December has been really busy for us, with lots of people booking a combination of wildlife safari tours and Zulu cultural tours with us; some of them only day tours and some extended tours. The most popular day tour for us at this time of the year is our Valley of 1000 Hills tour which includes a visit to Tala Game Reserve and PheZulu Safari Park. Normally though it’s just visitors off the visiting cruise ships. Yesterday though, we had a nice surprise, a lovely local couple booked us for a days excursion to the Valley of 1000 Hills.

Kudu Male Grazing at Tala Game Reserve




Valley of 1000 Hills Day Tour

Durban seldom disappoints when it comes to safari’s and tours (well at least with Country and Coastal Tours it wont). Saturday’s “Valley of 1000 Hills day tour” was proof positive of my rather sweeping statement! I arrived bright and early to collect my four guests who were on a cruise from the east and as soon as they disembarked, we headed west towards our first destination, Tala Game Reserve.

white rhino on our valley of 1000 hills day tour

White Rhino spotted from the safety and comfort of our vehicle.