South Africa is such an amazing destination to visit, whether it’s the culture you’re wanting to explore, the history, or the wildlife, fact is South Africa has something to offer everyone. We realise that people who visit South Africa not only have different reasons to visit South Africa, but different budgets as well – and this is why all our overnight and extended tours have budget beating options available.

How is a Budget Tour Different?

The most important bits of a safari tour aren’t different at all, those on a budget friendly tour will see the same animals, experience the same sunrises and sunsets, will learn about the same history and will leave South Africa is the same memories.

Book your safari tour today!
Book your safari tour today!

So what is different then? Well, instead of staying in chalets for example, we’ll stay in rondavels or tents. And instead of eating meals at the restaurants, we’ll all cook together under the African stars and afterwards enjoy each others company around the fire.

The fact is we believe that everyone should get to experience a traditional South African safari, and believe it or not, many South African’s much prefer a budget friendly option with camping and braai’ing (barbecues) than dining in a restaurant.

Booking a Durban Safari Budget Tour

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us here at Country and Coastal Touring, let us know what type of tour you’re interested in booking and we’ll send you am electronic brochure that will out line the options available for all budgets.

And remember, we are more than happy to plan itineraries to accommodate your needs.

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