A couple of weeks back the marketing team for KZn Tourism got hold of me and asked me if I had the time to take some YouTube travel filmmakers around some culturally significant sites.

I said “Sure, where do they want to go? What sites?”.

Turns out that no one really had a game plan, they simply wanted to visit someplace that had a bit of history, some cultural aspects, that kinda thing.

Well as far as I’m concerned, there’s few sites in South Africa have the historical and cultural significance than the Inanda Freedom Trail and heritage route.

Rhett and Clair

Rhett and Clair met me at Suncoast on Durban’s beachfront and together with a team from KZN Tourism, we jumped into my van and headed out towards KwaMashu.

If this were a normal tour I would usually tell visitors about the history of Durban, the significance of KwaMashu and all that good stuff, but since both Rhett and Clair were locals (well, from Joberg at least) I wasn’t sure what they knew or didn’t know.

Turns out they had a the basics down but were fuzzy on the details and so I got to do my whole spiel for them which was actually quite fun since this was the first “tour” I had done since lockdown started.

This was a fun day, so a big thank you to KZN Tourism for the opportunity and to Rhett and Clair for taking the time to explore all the great heritage that Durban has to offer!

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