The cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town have long since been synonymous with travel in South Africa. But things are changing and more and more visitors are traveling to see what Durban has to offer to international tourists visiting South Africa. Of course the very first question on everyone’s lips is “what is there to do in Durban?“. So if you’re visiting Durban for any length of time, these are my 3 tours you must do in Durban.

durban city and coastline from the top of moses mabhida stadium

Durban City and Coastline from the top of Moses Mabhida Stadium

1. Durban City Tour

Durban was founded in 1824 when a group of men established a small settlement on the shores on what was then known as Port Natal. From these humble beginnings Durban has risen to become South Africa’s fastest growing city with Africa’s busiest port. Durban is also know as a holiday paradise, with warm weather all year round, blue sunny skies and the Indian ocean nearby to play in.

Moses Mabhida Stadium and the Victoria Market

It’s why a Durban City Tour is an absolute must when visiting. Spend some time discovering why Durban is so popular; visit the Moses Mabhida Stadium as well as the Indian markets. There’s also the Botanical Gardens (first in Africa) as well as the BAT center. Enjoy a lunch tucking into a famous Durban culinary treat, the “Bunny Chow“. Fact is, if you visiting Durban, this a must to get a good understanding of the city and it’s people.

Bunny Chow

For those seeking just a little bit “more”; how about a microlight flight along the coastline of Durban! It’s a perfect opportunity to see the city from a unique angle, and on top of that, there’s always the chance of seeing dolphins or whales.

zulu warriors court a Zulu maiden

Zulu Warriors with Zulu Maiden

2. Valley of 1000 Hills Tour

Fact is, most visitors to Durban have limited time and so I reckon this tour is best. Durban offers something no other province does, and that is the Zulu people! On this full day Valley of 1000 Hills tour, visitors will have the opportunity to visit a Zulu village, and learn about what fascinating and proud people the Zulu’s are. On top of this, visitors will also get the opportunity to visit a modern day “township”.


The day is not complete since there’s also some game viewing on offer. We take visitors out to a local favorite, the Tala Game Reserve situated just 45 min west of Durban. Tala is perfect for visitors to enjoy game viewing, with sightings of Giraffe, Eland, Wildebeest and other species being common.

And there is nothing like a packed South African lunch under the shade of some Acacia trees while Giraffe and Zebra saunter by!

Mahatma Gandhi Residence in Phoenix, Durban

Mahatma Gandhi Residence in Phoenix, Durban

3. The Freedom Trail

My third choice of tour you must do when in Durban is the Freedom Trail tour. Fact is South Africa has a brutal past, and for most people around the world, until the change of government in 1994, South Africa was probably best know for it’s policy of apartheid.

Of course this has all changed since 1994, but still it’s worth remembering. And so this tour is deigned just for that. We re-visit the reasons for apartheid, and of course the response against the policies. We’ll visit the Phansi museum where Durban’s past with regards to apartheid is displayed.

Nelson Mandela

But we’ll finish off on a positive note. We visit the house of Mahatma Gandhi lived, as well as the Ohlange institute where Nelson Mandela cast the first free and fair vote.

So those are my top 3 tours to do while visit Durban and all can be done easily in a day. There’s culture and wildlife covered, but that’s not all, so take a look at our day tour page for a number of other tours you may be interested in joining. Of course if there’s something not on here that you would use to plan, by all means contact us.


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