Every year without fail I excitedly go through the program  to Durban’sTime of the Writer” event and mark all the talks and workshops I’d like to attend. And almost every year without fail, I’m booked on a tour or transfer and I get to miss it! And it seems that this year may be no exception. But you should go!


Time of the Writer Poster


 18 to 23 March 2013

Hosted by the Center for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal), this years event will feature 19 writers from across the world will “… gather for a thought-provoking week of literary dialogue, exchange of ideas and stimulating discussion…”. And it’s not just about the writers, there’s talks on publishing, there’s book launches, panel discussions and I think there’s even going to be one or two workshops.

Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre

The venue is the Elizabeth Sneddon Theater, but it’s best to check the daily program as there are visits to schools planned, as well as to the University and even some of the local towns like Chatsworth.  So quite simply, if you’re in any way interested in writing, whether being a writer, wanting to publish, or just merely a fan, you should check it out. Far more info can be found here.