As one of the members of the 1000 Hills Tourism Association, I was excited to be part of a video production that highlighted the “Valley of 1000 Hills” area. Unfortunately due to budget constraints, we could only afford 60 sec of film, but it appears we’ll be able to add on to it later in the year.


1000 Hills

The 1000 Hills area is situated just outside of Durban in South Africa. For those familiar with the area, it encompasses everywhere from the top of Fields Hill to Cato Ridge, one of the largest tourism area in Durban I believe.

Drumming away at the PheZulu Safari park cultural show.

Drummer at PheZulu Safari Park

The 1000 Hills area is close enough to Durban (especially Durban Harbor for those stopping for the day as part of a cruise) that it can be visited easily for a day. Things to do in the area include the new and pretty exciting KwaNyswa trail, visiting PheZulu, enjoying lunch at any of the many restaurants and tea gardens, hiking Krantzkloof, birdwatching at Springside Nature Reserve, mountain biking, golfing and so much more!



So what you waiting for? Visit the 1000 Hills today!