Durban has loads of tourists visit every single year. Unfortunately many of them are only here for a day or so because they are part of a cruise. Durban has about 40 ships a year docking in her harbor, thats quite a lot I think! And of course, all those people usually only have about 8 hours of time to spend, so the big question is, what can they do in those few hours. Well, here is my personal list of “10 Things to do in Durban“.

queen mary cruise ship

Queen Mary Cruise Ship

10 Things to do in Durban

I’m going to have to break this into a series, otherwise this post will go on for days! And since Durban is just simply a hub of excitement, there is a strong possibility that instead of “10 things“, there may in the end be “100’s of things to do…“! And I should mention, that the list is in no discernable order. So onwards.

implausibility of wildebeest at tala game reserve, durban, south africa

Implausability of Wildebeest (Gnu) at Tala Game Reserve, outside Durban, South Africa

Visit the Valley of 1000 Hills

The Valley of 1000 Hills is where I live, so there’s no surprise it’s going to be first on my list.  So why the Valley of 1000 Hills? Well first off, it’s just 45 min from Durban is Tala Game Reserve. Tala has 3000 hectares of mostly wide open bush veld which makes for easier game spotting. And the bird life is just amazing!

a raft of hippo at tala game reserve, durban, south africa.

A Raft of Hippo at Tala Game Reserve

Picnic in the gorgeous braai (barbecue) area while a Tower of curious Giraffe or a Dazzle of frolicking Zebra look on. Head out again after lunch for a little more game viewing, maybe to the Hippo Hide (where else you going to see Hippo in Durban!?).

zulu warriors dance against the backdrop of the valley of 1000 hills, outside durban, south africa

Zulu Warriors Dance against the Backdrop of the Valley of 1000 Hills, outside Durban, South Africa

PheZulu Safari Park

From there head to PheZulu Safari Park where Zulu dancers will thrill you with high kicks and enthusiastic foot stomping. Visitors will also get a short but informative tour around a little Zulu village, and learn about how Zulu people lived 100+ years ago (and how some still live today!).

nile crocodile at phezulu safari park outside durban, south africa

Nile Crocodile at PheZulu Safari park, outside Durban, South Africa

PheZulu Safari Park is also home to a number of Nile Crocodile. These fellow’s were commonly found in all of South Africa‘s river systems, along with their neighbors the Hippo. Although there are still the odd crocodile in distant rural rivers, it’s probably easier to view them here at PheZulu Safari Park rather than splashing about in a muddy river hoping to spot one.

whitethroated swallow at tala game reserve outside durban south africa

Whitethroated Swallow at Tala Game Reserve, outside Durban, South Africa

Hillcrest Aids Center

And finally when you’re done exploring everything at PheZulu Safari Park, and you headed back to the ship, you should really consider stopping off at the Hillcrest AIDS Center. I was there recently and they are fantastic, such good people doing such good work. I am in awe. Take a tour around and spend some money at the craft shop.

a group of Gogo's at the hillcrest aids center

The Hillcrest AIDS Center


All done, this Valley of 1000 Hills trip will take up an entire day. It will leave you a little tired, but it will have been worth every second. Visitors will have seen some beautiful game, inspiring scenery, traditional and proud people, and will have even helped a community that needs it. What more it there to say?

Of course the best way to experience the Valley of 1000 Hills is to book a tour with Country and Coastal Touring. We’ll take the guesswork out of the day for you and ensure you focus on the experience. So book today!

kudu doe at tala game reserve, south africa

Kudu Doe at Tala Game Reserve, Durban, South Africa

Kudu Bull at Tala Game Reserve, Durban, South Africa

Kudu Bull at Tala Game Reserve, Durban, South Africa