Country & Coastal Touring

The Defense of Rorkes Drift

The Rorkes Drift hospital building from the front

In my early 20’s I was given a book to read; the “Washing of the Spears” by Donald R Morris. Without wanting to be too dramatic, it changed my life. Up until I read this book, South African history was boring to me, I much preferred the history of other[…]

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Hluhluwe Imfolozi, Big 5, Game Reserve

Crash of Rhino at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve on a Durban safari tour

Durban is becoming a popular city for visitors to travel to, especially since some airlines have decided to fly direct to Durban (or are planning to). It’s not just the city of Durban that’s popular though, or even the weather of friendly people, it’s also because Durban is within a[…]

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Battle of Isandlwana

Isandlwana and colonial cemetery

Many events have occurred throughout the history of South Africa that can be considered pivotal events; moments that have shaped the path the country has followed. It is my personal opinion, that one of the most important events, fell on the 22nd January 1879 when the Zulu army struck the[…]

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Budget Durban Safari Tours

White Rhino at water hole at Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

South Africa is such an amazing destination to visit, whether it’s the culture you’re wanting to explore, the history, or the wildlife, fact is South Africa has something to offer everyone. We realise that people who visit South Africa not only have different reasons to visit South Africa, but different[…]

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Durban Township and City Tours

Ohlanga School where Nelson Mandela cast the first free and fair election vote

KwaMashu is a township to the north-west of Durban. It’s here that in the 1950’s the non-white residents of Durban (Black, Indian and Colored peoples) were forced to move because of the introduction of the Group Areas Act. Today this area is home to about 200,000 people and is a[…]

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Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Heritage Tour

Ela Gandhi and Shelldon Wells on a Indian Heritage day tour

It’s not a tour I get to do very often but I think it’s probably one of the most interesting Durban cultural day tours I do; the Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Heritage day tour. I’ve always been fascinated by the history of Durban and more so with the history of[…]

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Rorkes Drift

Spirit of Emakhosini

I first come across the name Rorkes Drift while in high school in the 80’s. Back then though, during the apartheid era, the Zulu victory at Isandlwana was glossed over and the focus was all on the events at Rorkes Drift. It wasn’t until much later in life, well into[…]

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Day Tours

Beautiful view at the aptly named Sunset Jetty in St Lucia

Beautiful sunny skies, warm and friendly people, fascinating cultures and customs, Durban has it all in one, vibrant city. Durban has been voted as “one of the best SA cities to live in“, as having the “best quality of life in SA“, and “one of the world’s best cities for[…]

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